Success in Real Estate. Are You Ready?

In one weekend we will cover the 30+ modules you need to be a successful real estate investor.


The first section of the workshop is spent in the classroom, while the last portion of the workshop gets you out into the field, putting your newfound skills to use as you quickly and confidently evaluate investment properties. Greg Wilson and a TREC licensed Realtor will be there to ensure your numbers are right, as well as help you make real offers to buy the properties we evaluate (if you decide you want to purchase them).


A few of the 30+ modules covered in this no fluff workshop include:

  • how to find great real estate investment deals (50+ proven methods to buy and sell quickly),
  • how to finance and buy those deals (10+ methods, some of which require none of your own money),
  • how to make the right repairs to maximize your profit (and the correct 56-step order to make those repairs),
  • where too find (and how to deal with) the Contractors, Attorneys, Accountants, Realtors, and the rest of the professionals you need on your power team,

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